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Floating Crank Lure TYRAN CRANK 100 MAT-OC
  • Floating Crank Lure TYRAN CRANK 100 MAT-OC
  • Floating Crank Lure TYRAN CRANK 100 MAT-OC
  • Floating Crank Lure TYRAN CRANK 100 MAT-OC
  • Floating Crank Lure TYRAN CRANK 100 MAT-OC
  • Floating Crank Lure TYRAN CRANK 100 MAT-OC
  • Floating Crank Lure TYRAN CRANK 100 MAT-OC

Floating Crank Lure TYRAN CRANK 100 MAT-OC


  • Size: 100 mm
  • Weight : 69.5 gr
  • Density: Floating
  • Depth: 0.10~0,80 meters
  • Hooks: Treble Hooks #1/0
  • Color: MAT-OC
  • Target Species: Pike, Black-bass, Wels Catfish (shallow area)
  • Lead free

Reference: DS-LD-TRC100-MTO



Floating crankbait Tyran Crank 100 MAT-OC

Here is the original version of the Tyran crankbait. It's a big shallow crank, floating, with noisy rattles. In the specifications, the desire to create a muscular lure, capable of attacking big pike and black-bass in their resting / hunting areas. This lure is ideal for prospecting in shallow areas.

The playgrounds of the Tyran crankbait are the edges of reedbeds, submerged trees, the first cover of vegetation as well as the rocky peaks in the lake where the big pike and black-bass are posted. Designed around a lip positioned at 90 degrees, the Tyran swims a tight, natural and provocative wobbling, mixed with a medium frequency sound produced by its internal rattles.

gros crankbait meilleur coloris perche gill pour pêcher gros brochet black bass silure

The MAT-OC color takes its inspiration from a variation of tone, orange base, to which a Tiger pattern has been added to provide a significant contrast of the lure in tinted to dirty waters. This lure color, in addition to being beautiful, makes it easier for big pike to locate it in low light.

It can be fished in a linear or stop & go pattern to maximize its potential along with the cover. This crankbait is in the wakebait category, whose preferred territories are the surface and subsurface.

Note that by bringing the rod tip closer to the surface, a linear retrieve still allows it to fish deeper up to 1 meter below the surface if the lure is at a good distance from the angler. That way, the early morning strikes, and warm temperatures make it the ultimate weapon for wels catfish fishing in shallow areas. It is above all a crankbait with unconventional volumes that predators will spot from a distance!

If you want to fish on the surface, a retrieve at regular speed, with the tip at 45° angle or the rod tip up, will make it a ball of sound and vibration, prospecting large fishing areas.

One of the particularities of the Tyran crankbait is that it reacts similarly to the retrieve of a stickbait by short strokes of the tip (walking the dog WTD). The crankbait makes a series of raging head strikes from left to right, which is rare enough on a crankbait to be worth mentioning!

A muscular crankbait capable of making record-breaking game fish pressured by classic hard lures crack.

2 Treble Hooks #1/0
Target Species
Wels Catfish (shallow area)
How to use this lure (animation, swim action)
Series of twitch similar to a stickbait
Stop & go
Choose this color for
Active fish
Cloudy weather / low light
Murky Water
Warm Water/Weather
Lead free
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